ENVOYER DE GROS FICHIERS c'est facile et sans abonnement, ESSAYEZ LE !

Sending bulky files is easy and without subscription, TRY IT NOW !
Questions ?

How long does the licence lasts and how much does it cost ?
The 123Envoi licence lasts FOREVER. It costs from 29€ to 149€ depending the version you buy (Home/Pro/Premium/Platinum).

How long the file I send will remain available ?
Your recipient will have up to 5 days to download your files.

How many times a day/month/year can I do a send ?
As much as you want.

What is the max file size allowed on 123Envoi ?
You can send from 1GB to 4GB (depending on the version) for each send.

Does the recipient also need the software ?

Does 123Envoi work on Linux, Unix, MacOS, ... ?
For the moment only a Windows version is available.

Does 123Envoi block my recipient mailbox ?
No ! Only a small email with a link is sent to the recipient.

Can I get help from 123Envoi support?
Your licence gives you 1 year support by phone

Sending files up to 4Go
Works with all kind of files
Doesn't block your recipients mail box
No subsricption and no obligation
Software in English / French